She was in Love

Drawing by me. 🌼 Made this through Instagram tools because right now I can’t afford any sketchpad or digital drawing pad. 🙄

you knew,
when She was in pain
and still you enjoyed

She was a
torch bearer
of your past

She was in love
but your prejudiced love
broke her into two

you tell Her, She was immature
but you don’t tell Her
how beautifully she swept away your lethality
you tell Her, She was a kid, a spoilt kid
but you don’t tell Her
how her palm pressed to your cheeks and her outrageous smile never stopped haunting you

you tell Her, She was a cynic
but you don’t tell Her
how you’d long for her
and how She came undone in your arms like a shipwreck on sea
anchored to your private ship

and when She spoke to you
grew autumn in her voice
and raised
winters in her heart
when She cried

She was in love
but your prejudiced love
broke her into two

Walked Alone

hustle and bustle of the street
cacophony of automobiles is what I greet
though silence came across
when I walk alone

midst of the thoughts
and imagination of the new world
forced me to see a reverie
through an open eyes
when I walk alone

find no one
the moment
when I turned back
keep moving ahead hereafter
and I walked alone

hustle and bustle of the street
cacophony of automobiles is what I greet

The sky is Pink

I felt a sense of connexion, relativism and relief to the core. And somewhere, I could relate the movie The sky is pink from my personal lens of experiencing life. As I am moved from the pellucid script and plangent tone of the movie with a plumbless ocean of emotions.
The movie is about loss of loved one and how they dealt their life after such consequences. In some of the interviews Priyanka Chopra told that this movie is built around the real incident of their life.
The sense of loss of Her father and Her mother’s better half, as well, Shonali Bose (the film director) lost her own son. Drew her to the story. Just like them,
I too, had a great sense of loss in my life. I lost my father when I was in 8th Standard and when I was graduated and moved Kota, Rajasthan for my medical preparations, I lost my grandfather. Nothing could be more worse than this. My life was used to revolve around my grandfather. All I had was Him. He was my father. My mother. My friend and what not! Today he’s not with me but he’s with me somewhere, I know. When I think about Him, I see his veteran face is wreathed in smiles with all hopes.
The group of sufferers (Shonali Bose, Priyanka Chopra and her mother) turned their incidents into a celebration of person’s life instead of mourning of the void. So, instead of like just thinking about the sad, the fact that they are gone, it’s gonna happen with all of us.
Life is about two things, Birth and Death, it’s sempiternal. So let’s just get that out of the way and Vois la vie en rose.